Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I keep thinking I have so long to do everything, but the months keep whizzing past. I am in the process of trying to book the caterer and band (and of course, according to many, I should already have this done). I'm so worried I won't get the BEST deal if I don't compare a gazillion proposals for the caterers. I just want to make sure we are getting the biggest bang for our buck. I'm still waiting on three proposals (which they never have when they say they will) to compare to the two that I already have.

As for the band...ugh. We found the PERFECT band called The Blues Specialists. We went and saw them play at a dive bar a couple of weeks ago and loved them. I'm pretty sure we high fived each other after the first song because we knew they were the ones. However, they are booked. The lead singer gave us the name of another band but their blues music was the really depressing blues and would make everyone just be in dumps by the time their first song was over. So, my mom sent me another website to check out called http://www.bookaband.com/. They have lots of bands on there that I didn't see on http://www.gigmasters.com/ so I'll give it a whirl. Clay is going to be gone traveling for work a lot between now and after New Years so we are in a time crunch and he is bound and determined to have a band. Honestly, I would be okay with a dj as long as he stuck to oldies and motown but that might be the absolute last resort.

I did get my save the dates sent out. I got a great deal on them through the online photo center at http://www.walmart.com/. You can upload your own picture and they have tons of templates to choose from. I didn't see any point in spending a ton of money on them but I think they turned out super cute.

I found the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses at http://www.moodfabrics.com/. The good thing is that it is 54" so I won't need as many yards. It was a toss up between the greener teal and the more turquoise blue, but my mom and decided that the bluer color would be easier to match and coordinate with.

Paige also sent me the jewelry website of the sister in law to a bride who's wedding she did last summer. She makes the best necklaces. They would be perfect for bridesmaids.

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  1. those necklaces and that fabric is going to look amazing!