Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Insert my wedding here

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage inspired wedding on Style Me Pretty today. Umm, its basically how I have imagined mine to turn out. Its like they picked the ideas right outta me. I think I might be drooling a bit. However, I've already been told several times to go easy on the pink by my other half. Too bad, he looks good in pink. Check out these pics!

There are also some great pics on A Summer Picnic Wedding blog with the same look. So cute.

Love this

I can't remember where I saw these fabric flowers by Emerson Made, but I love them. I think a scaled down version of the white one would be great against my all over lace dress as something a bit different. Initally, I was going to do a sash the a couple of brooches at the knot, but it seems a little boring and done. In the last edition of Martha Stewart Weddings, they had a whole section on fabric flowers. Some of them were a bit ridiculous, but there are instructions on how to make them on the website. Click here for the how to. I bought some cheap taffeta and organza in super bright colors to try a few out. They are actually pretty simple to put together, its just the cutting took a lot longer than I thought. I'll post some pics when they are done. Here is the pic from Martha:

Here are a few pics from the EmersonMade site. They are a bit bigger than I'd like. I little bit smaller version would be perfect. I love how she puts them on everything!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Twinkle in my Eye

Its that time again, Nordstroms is having their Annual Sale. There are a ton of sparkly earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for very reasonable prices. I think I've spotted earrings for my bridesmaids (but I'm not saying which ones).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My mom cracks herself up

So, I got an email from my mom this morning the title, "The Lace is Terrible." She told me the lace she ordered for my dress was to arrive yesterday evening. I thought, great, it was too good to be true. Then I open the email to read "the lace is great." I'm so glad she cracks herself up! She did have me going. I'll admit, I crack myself up too, so I guess she's the one I learned from. Mom, I know you'll read this, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I think the lace on the top of this picture is what we finally decided on, right? She also ordered some trim lace for the edging in case the lace yardage didn't have a nice edge to it. She said that it has a tight pattern to it which will make it easier to match up along the seams. I can't wait to see it in real life.

On another note, for all of you that have yellow as your wedding color (too bad my bridesmaids don't look good in it). J Crew is having a mega summer sale and almost every style of their bridesmaids dresses in on sale in yellow. As noted on the Junebug Weddings blog, all of the great summer clothes that are on sale for J Crew would be perfect for honeymoon attire. There are some killer deals on super cute (and fancy) tanks, dresses, and shorts. They also have some really cute sandals on sale. I have a J Crew outlet near me that I think I need to visit asap! I love their clothes, but refuse to pay retail for them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, after not blogging for about a week, I decided I can't help myself. So if you are one of the people that read this and are coming to the wedding, please just act surprised. I have put some planning on hold. I think the big things that I needed to nail down in the beginning are done. My friend Paige is doing the flowers, the reception venue is booked, I got approved to have my ceremony at the gorgeous Lutheran church downtown, and my mom has started piecing the first mock up trial of my dress. I know I need to find a caterer soon and I think I have one in mind. Austin Catering has been one that has stuck in my brain and I found out last weekend from my Aunt Susan that they are the ones they used for my cousin's wedding last May. The food was delicious and very nicely presented.

The latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings was just a plethora of cute ideas! I decided to forego making my own cake, but I think I can just buy a plain one and decorate it with Necco candies like this and maybe add a big bloom or two:

I love the colors in this picture too:

And, if shoes were made in heaven, they would look like this:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New thoughts about this blog

I'm having second thoughts on this blog. I don't seem to keep up with it much. Plus, I know that there are several people that read this that will be at my wedding. I want to have all my tidbits and finds be somewhat of a surprise. I don't people to get there and feel like they've already seen it all. I might change my mind but for now, I'm going to keep some of things I have up my sleeve under wraps.