Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, after not blogging for about a week, I decided I can't help myself. So if you are one of the people that read this and are coming to the wedding, please just act surprised. I have put some planning on hold. I think the big things that I needed to nail down in the beginning are done. My friend Paige is doing the flowers, the reception venue is booked, I got approved to have my ceremony at the gorgeous Lutheran church downtown, and my mom has started piecing the first mock up trial of my dress. I know I need to find a caterer soon and I think I have one in mind. Austin Catering has been one that has stuck in my brain and I found out last weekend from my Aunt Susan that they are the ones they used for my cousin's wedding last May. The food was delicious and very nicely presented.

The latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings was just a plethora of cute ideas! I decided to forego making my own cake, but I think I can just buy a plain one and decorate it with Necco candies like this and maybe add a big bloom or two:

I love the colors in this picture too:

And, if shoes were made in heaven, they would look like this:

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