Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Pluggin' Along

When people ask me how the planning is going, my response...its going. I was beginning to get a little overwhelmed (which was quite apparent by the recent breakout of my face) so I just had to take step back and go back to how I always do things. I sit down and make a to do list (a habit I got from my mother) and cross things off one by one. My to do list on http://www.theknot.com/ is a bit ridiculous and causes my head to spin. I'll be at t-minus six months pretty soon and the months keep going by faster and faster. But, it will all get done in time.

I should be able to nail down my caterer this week. I'm waiting on one more proposal and I should get that one today. I have three caterers that I've narrowed down. It will just come down to what we get for the money. Biggest bang for the buck, thats what I'm looking for.

I'm pretty sure I found my photographer too. I had it down to three different ones and actually the one I liked best came the best package. For $1700, I will have two photographers for 8 hrs (wow) the day of, a bridal session, engagement session, all edited photos and copyright release on cd, I think six large prints, and three (yes, you heard that right) albums. What a deal. You can go to his website here.

And the most exciting news lately...
Once I saw that the engagement session is included, my brain started racing with cool places around Austin that would really fit our personalities. Clay and I LOVE old hot rods. There is a hot rod shop here called Mercury Charlies. He's been around forever. A couple of years ago, we went to concert at his shop. That is where I saw Nadine for the first time. She is the most beautiful chopped Mercury I've ever seen. So, I asked Clay what he thought about us taking our pictures in their shop with all the hot rods. He thought it was a great idea but figured the shop owners wouldn't go for it. So, I emailed Mercury Charlie himself to propose this weird request. He emailed me right back (I wish all potential vendors would do this) and said he thought it was an awesome idea and just to call him when we're ready and we'll set it up. Man, that was easy. So, here is Nadine. She'll be the backdrop of our pictures along with lots of old neons and vintage garage signs. I can't wait!

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