Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guys are weird

I guess Clay is finally getting into the spirit of wedding planning. He was cruising through the movie channels a couple of nights ago and actually stopped on Bride Wars because it had just started. He watched the whole thing and made comments about the dresses, etc.!! I also had a BRIDE magazine laying out the other day and he looked through the whole thing and told me dress styles he likes, opinions on bridesmaid dresses, etc. If you don't know Clay, it was a funny sight. He's a 6'5" huge dude so its pretty humorous to hear him talk about ruffles on dresses...

Oh, if you havene't checked Style Me Pretty today, then you are missing out on some sick dresses. They are unbelievable! This latest round of dresses are so amazing with the organza work and beading. I can't imagine how heavy they must be.

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