Monday, January 18, 2010

Shot Down

My mom found a great new send off idea the other day. Instead of doing sparklers, we are having something else (I'm leaving that out for now). They do light up, but I'll share once the wedding is over. For an added bonus, she found these things called sky lanterns. They are chinese rice paper mini hot air balloon type things. They have a small fuel cell that once lit, causes just enough heat for them to rise. They are 100% biodegradable and just beautiful. I found them on Ebay for the cheapest price and lowest shipping. I ordered 20 so we could test a couple. After the fact, my mom suggested checking with House on the Hill to see if they were cool with it. I got an email back that said they looked at the website and considered them to be hazardous to their property. Ugh. Shot down. Oh well, I only spent about $30, so its not a huge loss. I told my mom we'd use them at her house at the next family function for fun. It is a cool idea, just remember to check with your venue first...
p.s. sorry for the lack of posting, things are crazier than ever!

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