Monday, January 25, 2010

My Mom is the bomb

If I haven't told you already, my mom is awesome. She has already finished my junior bridesmaid's dress. Once the wedding is over, I plan on lots of sewing lessons with her! I can't wait to see all three together. I think the color is going to pop in the pictures, especially with bright flowers. I am SO glad I decided not to go with those dresses I found at target that I posted here. We are right at t-minus three months!

p.s. that is my dress in the background, but I think its covered enough that you can't tell what it looks like. I'm still keeping it under wraps.


  1. Grace absolutely loves the dress, too. Yes - your mom is amazing!

  2. Rach, I love the dress!! The color is beautiful and the dress is adorable. I think your Mom needs to make me one too ;)