Monday, August 17, 2009

A GREAT weekend!!

What a productive weekend! Mom and I went to the City Wide Garage Sale on Saturday. We found three milk glass vases and two iron planter boxes. I also got the most perfect frosted green footed candy dish ever! The price wasn't marked and the guy said he'd give it to me for $5 (they usually would be about $35). On the way back to the car, the bag broke and slipped out of my hands. It completely shattered. I thought I was going to cry. The base of it is still intact, so my grandpa is going to see if he can cut it down to be smooth across the top and then I'm going to try and find an old china plate to put on top of it. I think it can be repurposed. Then, we went to a junk shop and found two old wine crates, 2 wrought iron baskets, and an old suitcase for my friend Paige's project. We figured the iron baskets can be filled with moss and then have votives and lemons tucked inside. We also found two more round iron baskets at Hobby Lobby for $1 each and a wicker stacked basket set (usually used for fruit) for $7. Deals and steals, thats what I'm about.

And now for the deal of a lifetime. We stopped by Target to pick up a bottle of wine (which was much needed by then) and just happened to go by the dress department. I pointed out a cute tank dress in this awesome lawn green color. Mom thought it would be a great going away dress, but I thought it would work for the bridesmaids. Its fully lined and has the "wearability factor" that I promised the girls. Best yet...they were only $39.99 and they had all the sizes I needed!!! We'll be able to accessorize them to death and still be on a great budget!! Plus, it would cut down on the sewing for my mom. The color looks awesome with so many colors. Here is a picture, but its on a camera phone and under store lights...

So, keep in mind when looking for bridesmaid's dresses, they can be anywhere!!

Lastly, I tried on the mock up dress that my mom had to put together to see if the shape was right. She used three patterns to get the look we wanted. I must say, she nailed it perfectly. I absolutely love it! I couldn't be happier. We also found all the material for it on Saturday while shopping and it was all 40-50% off!
I hope to have more weekends this productive!

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