Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DIY trial run

I am helping my friend and coordinator, Paige, at her first bridal show in three weeks. I told her I'd make lollipop stands and poms for the booth and candy buffet. I figure it will give me a reason to get some of it done way ahead of time and get in some practice. Here is the lollipop tree from the Martha Stewart website:

For directions, click here.

I made a two bases, and I'm thinking I might need one more. Granted, they will look much better with all the candy stuck in them. I also have to find the right font for the flag on top so it doesn't look lame. Here is a pic of my bases:

I also tried out a couple of tissue poms. I had to learn not to pull them too hard or you end up with ripped "petals." I have them hanging in the hall and its driving my pups crazy when they blow in the air conditioning. I think I heard Bruiser run down the hall and try to jump and eat one. He tries hard to look so innocent:


  1. LOVE them! thank you!!

  2. they look great! and the puppy is adorable!