Friday, August 14, 2009

Mason Jar Madness

I'm in love with blue and green mason jars. I've decided to use them in my centerpieces with some milk glass vases and other vintage what nots sprinkled in. I do plan on using them in my future craft room (yes, my husband to be promised me long as he gets a 3 car garage) as holders for my brushes, pens, notions, etc. but I can't see myself dispersing the 60-65 that I'll use in the reception. That might be a little overkill. Plus, finding that many seemed to be a daunting task. However, my mom sent out an email to all my family and her bunco ladies to see if anyone had some on hand. My mom has seven, I ordered 12 on Ebay, and my Aunt Diane some green to use in the mix. So, instantly I was already at a little over 20. Then, our friend Liz emailed from her summer home in Minnesota and said she found a place that is selling them for $1 each and that she'd bring as many as I needed back with her. What a doll! I think two dozen should suffice. I love deals like that!!
Mom and I are off to the City Wide Garage Sale again tomorrow. We're hoping to find some of the above mentioned vintage what nots for decor and anything else that strikes our fancy. Then its off to the fabric store to see about finding the material for all the layers under the lace on my dress. If we're lucky, we can find bridesmaids material too, but the fabric selections just aren't what they used to be. I'll post my finds on Sunday.

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