Thursday, February 18, 2010

Silver paper...pretty-yes, practical-not so much

I LOVE how my invitations turned out. I think I got the right fonts to work just right and all the details turned out great. Then it came time to address them. The envelopes are really shiny metallic silver. I thought, no big deal, any black pen should work, right? Wrong. I tried everything I could find in my house. I had rollerball pens, fine tip sharpies, ballpoint pens, etc. The only thing that I could get to remotely show up was a very fine tip ballpoint pen. If you looked at it when it wasn't in direct light, then it was okay, otherwise they just looked blank. However, I had addressed them all so I sent out two of them to see if the recipients would get them. I got emails yesterday that said they had both gotten them, but were both shocked because they were so hard to read. I was tempted to just send them out anyway, but I was really worried that anyone outside of Austin/Dripping Springs may not have nice postmen and then would be dealing with lost invites, etc. Then, I found the perfect pen. It was one of Clay's black gel pens. Man, I wish I had found that about a month ago. It worked like a charm. So, I sat at the dining room table and traced over the addresses on all the invites and am sending them on their way today. So, just for reference, if you have metallic paper, gel pens are the only way to go. Lesson learned...

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