Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So, I get made fun of a lot for being so "thrifty." At the last wedding I was in, I was basically chastised for still using a Caboodle and for all the grocery store makeup it carries. I will defend my Caboodle, but I have to admit that I am cheap when it comes to makeup. The sad thing is, I had two Caboodles up until about a month ago. The one I finally retired to Goodwill had to be at least from 1988. It was the most organized first aid kit in the world but pretty beat up. Anyway, since I am taking my bridal portraits today, I decided to go to Ulta last weekend and pick up some fancy makeup. I mean, can it make that much of a difference? I couldn't bring myself to splurge on a ton of full size products until I figured out which ones I liked. I found this set of Smashbox goodies and decided it was worth a shot. I was most eager to try the photo finish foundation primer. Its supposed to zap all shine and absorb any and all greasiness for a matte finish. This stuff is a miracle. It gave my bare skin a great base for applying my makeup. The lip gloss is good, but I wouldn't say its better than anything I can get at a drugstore. The blush is a great natural color but again, nothing spectacular. The eyeshadows did show up really well which I have to admit is a big difference. With drugstore brands, it usually takes a cream shadow or a heavy hand with regular eyeshadow for it to really show up, especially in pictures.

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