Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Yesterday was my sister's wedding. It was beautiful weather here in Austin. The reception was on a boat that goes up and down Lady Bird Lake. We went under the bridges just as all the bats came out. It was pretty cool timing. No major catostrophes and overall a really smooth wedding. I'll have to get pics from some of my family to post. I'm horrible at taking pictures. I must say that my Bump It was a big success again and made for easy bridesmaid hair. You just stick that sucker in and BAM, its basically done.
I figured today that I wouldn't be in the mood for wedding what nots, but we're on borrowed time since Clay leaves for safari in a week and doesn't get back until four days before the wedding. He also got a contract on his house last week and they want to close two days before the wedding. It will be madness. We picked up my wedding band today before he left for Dallas for some meetings so at least that is checked off the list. We'll also go to the county office this week to do the marriage license. After he left, I got started on projects. First, I did the wine cork labels for the food tables:

Then, I cranked out a handful of tissue poms. I'm done poofing them out ahead of time. The rest, I'll just fold and cut and poof out at the venue so they don't get squished. As long as it doesn't rain at the reception, these will be hanging in all the trees

Here is the latest on the candy buffet. I haven't filled up the gummy bear jars yet since I think they'll get funky if I leave them out. I just wanted to get an idea of how its coming together. I do think I need a tone on tone patterned table cloth for this table or a solid color instead of white to keep it bright. The lollipop trees will also have clear rock candy stuck in there as well to fill them up.

Here are my little antique wedding people on the cake topper. She has a veil too, but I'll put it on when its actually at the venue.

Here is a full shot that includes the big monogram my grandpa crafted for me. After the wedding, it will don the shelves in my craft room. I love it. I think it will make for a great back drop. The desk is my little craigslist find that I got for $50. After a little paint and new knobs, it turned out pretty good. It'll make for a great sewing desk once I get all the wedding stuff moved out.

On top of the craziness, we are dog sitting for a friend that has a cockapoo named Penelope. I don't think they have stopped playing for two days. Her and Ruby have been running laps around the house and yard all day. Bruiser just steals her toys and steers clear of the girls.

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