Friday, May 15, 2009

Craziness of the cake and centerpieces

I think (maybe) that I've come to the decision to buy my cake instead of baking it myself. I'll just get a three tier plain frosted white cake and then make the gum paste peonies to go on it. I can do those wayyy in advance (just need to teach myself how to do them!). If for some reason it doesn't work out, I'll just keep a couple of real ones on hand. After much mental debate, I figure it will be too much added stress if it doesn't come out right, or if its dry, or if its lop-sided. I really don't want an ugly cake! However, I can still do some homemade candy for the candy buffet. Not all of it, but just some of it. Now, if I could get my peonies to look like this (different color of course) and find a really cool topper, I could check this off the list.

Last night I was wandering around my favorite store...Target. Target has everything and the one close to me is a Super Target with groceries and more importantly, a pretty good wine selection. Anywhoo, I saw these little guys in one of their displays and thought they would make super cute centerpieces without having to use a ton of flowers. They're $16 each at Target, but I'm pretty sure I could make them for much less and much prettier.

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