Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tonight's finds that I LOVE

I love the idea of clustering the paper laterns. They look like colored cloud puffs. Plus, I haven't seen them done like this until now. I'm thinking it would look even cooler with lights strung in random ones...

Photos by martha manning
Here are my yellow ball flowers! They must be very popular right now because they are popping up on wedding websites all over the place. They look so good in this bouquet. I never thought of a whole bouquet done out of them. Its so unique. My friend (and coordinator), Paige, suggested to use these in the boutonnières as something a little funky and not too foo foo.

In the last pic, I found a beautiful centerpiece arrangement that incorporates my two favorite obsessions...lemons and peonies. They would look so good with the soft yellow tablecloths and lace overlays. My mom and I have tried to come up with more centerpiece ideas that don't use a ton of flowers to keep the budget in check. I could probably do a scaled down version of this and use a hurricane vase/candle duo in the middle. I haven't ruled out the idea of using mason jars colored with glass paint as candle holders either. I think they would give a great vintage feel to the table. Oh, how the ideas get jumbled in my head!

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