Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adding to the Madness

As if things weren't busy enough, we are buying a house. While I was off work last week, Clay and poked around the neighborhoods just to see what was out there and stumbled on a brand new house just down the street. I had no idea things would move so fast, but we put in an offer yesterday to the builder and they accepted it! They aren't complete with the construction so we won't close until the end of next month. Clay needs to sell his current house so that gives us a little more time. I have full confidence in the new realtor he found and think it will sell quickly. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'm such a nerd, but we did negotiate for them to redo the cabinets and add a second oven in the kitchen. I'm sooo excited! And, as previously promised, I get to use one of the guest rooms as my own craft room as long as it has some sort of bed in it. I'm wondering if I can find a murphy bed that would work so that when guests aren't using it, its looks like a bonafide, Martha Stewart craft room. We're going by the house this weekend so I'll make sure to take some pics and post them as well.

Here are some craft room pictures that I found that I LOVE. Ugh, I think I'm drooling already.

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