Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby its cold outside...

We got our first real cold snap this week. Of course, it is the week I took off work. I got all the Christmas decorations up. The tree looks great this year but now one of the stings of lights in the middle has a short so I'm going to have to undo all the ornaments to get to it and fix it.

We also got to take our engagement pictures last night...the coldest day of the week! We met our photographer downtown and took lots of pictures up and down 6th Street. We stumbled across some graffiti that had "until death do us part" on the bottom. It was so bright and colorful that it seemed perfect for some very "urban" pictures. We also hit some spots on South Congress. One of them was in the middle of the crosswalk during traffic in order to get the capitol in the background. I always wondered when people took those pictures when I saw them and now I know. We had lots of honks from people sitting in traffic! They should be ready in about a week and I'm so excited ot see them!

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