Friday, April 17, 2009

First contract signed

I signed what will be probably be my first of several contracts. I had already put down the deposit on our reception site, but its official that we got it. We'll be having the reception at House on the Hill in the Westlake area of Austin. Its a cottage like house with a few bungalows up on the hill overlooking the lake and downtown Austin. Its surrounded by a garden like setting. The pavillion looks like half of an old barn with wooden beams going across the top for the band to setup. There is a swimming pool and waterfall and tons of indoor and outdoor room. The great thing about this place is that you get it from Friday at 4pm to Sunday at noon. No rushing around! A lot of other places I looked at only gave you 5-8 hours total including setup and takedown. That just sounded stressful. It also includes lodging for 20, so I could stay there the night before and decorate ahead of time. So much easier!

Here is a shot of pool at night:

Here is the open room on the inside. Once its decorated, it looks so cute. However, there is a ton of room outside if the weather is permitting.


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  2. Somehow that posted w/ Nick's email address..not sure why. This is going to be so pretty. Did you get the stains out of the tablecloths? What finally worked? I'm impressed you are going to decorate your own cake. Have you decided on a flavor yet?