Saturday, April 25, 2009

Todays finds

What a productive day! After the advice of my friend, Paige, I went to the City Wide Garage Sale with my mom and another bride-to-be, Montana. I wasn't sure what I would find. Maybe I could find the perfect brooch for my sash or a vintage necklace, you never know how these things go. My mom got there before I did and had already scouted out the joint. I found her amongst piles and piles of vintage sheets, pillow cases, and miscellaneous linens. She suggested that we do a colored tablecloth and then use the vintage lace ones as overlays. What a great look for the reception site since its so garden like! What is even better is that they were only $4 a piece!! I can't even rent table runners cheaper than that. I'll definitely be ready to host Easter after all this is said and done with these linens. I've got a little work to do to get out some yellowing in the fabric. I'm trying a Cheer/Oxyclean combo soak. From what I've read, sun drying helps the most for some reason. If anyone has a secret way of getting the yellow out, please leave me a comment on here!

Here is Ruby helping me inspect the linens for spots:
After that, we went to Silk Road to look for fabric. Its not at all what it used to be. Their selection of chiffon was pretty much a bust. I think trying to find the right shade of teal/turquoise is going to be a challenge. There are several websites that I've found but I will have to send off for samples before choosing anything. I've chosen the accent color to be lemon yellow to keep things light and springy. The guys will also have gray suits instead of tuxes. I think I might have actually come up with a color palette! The yellow will allow me to use actual lemons among my flower arrangements at the reception which I had in mind for a long time. Another great find from my mom was the silver cake plate on Ebay. To rent one would have been $50 and then I'd have to give it back. This one was only $35 and I get to keep it. I figured that between my sister and younger cousins, it will get lots of use!
Montana's reception site is quite rustic as well. We stopped at a few antique shops on the way back and found 9 picture frames for $9 and some small galvanized buckets to hold flowers on the tables. They were only $2 each. What a steal. We thought we found an old window shutter that she was looking for but the lady wanted $40 for it and it was covered in ant larvae. I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of it going in my trunk so I'm a little glad it didn't work out. I think we can find one for much cheaper somewhere. Maybe she'll get lucky and find someone that has an old shutter in a barn somewhere. She plans on hanging her escort cards on it for seating which will make for a really cute table. All in all, a great day. It was so much fun finding unique decorations rather than run of the mill stuff that I see everywhere. Who knows what we'll find next.

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